The Amazing Race: Buenos Aires

The Amazing Race: Buenos Aires

Sad clowns and bovines.

This week, we knew the contestants who were going to be sent home were not long for Season 20 of the popular reality show. Alas, their cargo-panted khakis, joviality and proliferation of pastel baseball caps seemed to signal that they would not last long.

The contestants start off in Santa Barbara, Argentina. Dave and Rachel, the army couple, gets started off first in the middle of the night. She babbles off the stock reality TV show race that because they won the first round of the competition, they now have a “target on their backs.” Blah, blah.

Dave and Rachel’s momentum is quickly thwarted, however, when they solve their next clue. It tells them to meet in the city center and wait for the Chasqui. A Chasqui is an Argentinean postman on horsebeback, and the teams soon learn that he won’t arrive in the square until the early morning.

When he does arrive, the teams sprint toward him, grasping for their clues and snagging them out of each other’s hands. The Big Brother team is really pissing off the Border Patrol by grabbing a clue out of their beefy hands. This rivalry better come to a head sometimes soon.

The clues direct the teams to either Boil My Water or Light My Fire. All of the teams choose Boil My Water except for Border Patrol. In this task, teams need to build a solar kitchen—a metallic, circular solar panel that traps heat on a little platform, and then make a tea kettle boil.

Border Patrol’s task involves finding a little pottery workshop in the middle of the desert, and for the life of them, they can’t. They eventually find their task, and complete it quickly, pulling ahead of a number of the teams that chose the other task.

After the teams finish their challenges, their next clue sends them to Buenos Aires, Argentina, an 18-hour bus ride. The Federal Agents and the Southern cousins get onto the last bus, so they’re thinking that they’ll have to duke it out for the final spot. However, the second bus gets a broken window on the way there, so the Clowns, the Twins and New Yorkers become the final three teams.

After failing at a challenge involving counting bovine heads and performing simple division, the Clowns come in last. They would have been fun to stick around—they wore their dopey red noses to finish the race and call themselves sad clowns.