Prop A to Effect St. Louis Transportation Jobs

Prop A to Effect St. Louis Transportation Jobs

“Some of us ride it, all of us need it” is the slogan you can hear being repeated in St. Louis these days. Right now, the people of the city I was born in are facing some intense trouble with their transportation system. Not only are many transportation jobs in St. Louis at risk, but the thousands of people who depend on public transportation every day for their jobs—as well as their daily needs, school, and life in general—also face a potential loss of transportation.

Around 70,000 people depend on St. Louis public transportation on any given day. That number increases to 100,000 on days where special events are being held within the city.

On April 6, St. Louis residents will be able to vote on whether or not public transportation—known locally as the Metro, or Metrolink—will be restored and expanded for the city, or will face further harmful cuts to the transportation that so many people of St. Louis rely on. This measure, which failed on the ballot in 2008 by a very narrow margin, is back up for residents to pass. Its passing would support not only the city economy, but the residents themselves.

Not only do city residents depend on the Metro for daily needs; St. Louis tourism relies on it as well. Sure, our amazing city attractions—many of them free—offer much for the person on vacation in the city, but without the Metro, people wouldn’t be able to see and do much on their own. Local celebrities have also voiced their opposition to Metro cuts—click here to see a video of endorsements.

The Metro also helps city residents ride together to their destinations, not only furthering a sense of community but also helping to curb the number of greenhouse gases emitted. Certainly those who cannot afford a car or who cannot drive depend on this public transportation daily—but for those who cannot but can still opt to take the Metrolink to their destination, it makes a greener difference. That’s why environmental groups, like the Sierra Club, endorse Proposition A, too.

Citizens of St. Louis, please vote a resounding “Yes!” on Proposition A next Tuesday. Our transportation workers, tourism dollars, and very citizens themselves depend on it. If you don’t ride the Metro, please remember that you likely know someone who does—who may be a coworker, friend, neighbor, friend, or relative—and remember that his or her life may depend on this public transportation. A day may come when you, too, need the Metro as well.

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